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OMG I luv to favorite X3
I also luv Budder :3



Mangle by Bronyperson526
Here's some crappy phone art! I got my PC taken for reasons, so I have a hiatus on the comic for a bit! This is my first FULL drawing on a phone, not just sketches :^P Until I say, I won't be on my PC! Hopefully you can cope with crappy phone art :^)
I might start an ask FNAF thing~
Still in search for my 3DS ;-;
MSPaint Attempt 2: Foxy by Bronyperson526
MSPaint Attempt 2: Foxy
I wasn't gonna post this originally, but I might as well :P
I used the circle tool for the head, the rest was with the pencil tool. If MS paint had a line-smoothing tool that would be great~
I dun really like how it turned out, but this is how I make Foxy~
Crappy coloring and Crappy design by me~
Looking at inspiration for my comic X3 I like funny FNAF comics and all, but there aren't enough serious ones in my opinion. I also would want more 'realistic' ones :>

Hai guys! This is a list of the characters I'll be putting in my comic! ^w^

First Gen:
Second Gen:
Benny (You'll see who that is ;P)
3rd Gen:
Toy Bonnie
Toy Freddy
Toy Chica
Toy Foxy/Mangle
Shadow Bonnie
Purple Freddy
Withered Goldie
Withered Freddy
Withered Bonnie
Withered Chica
Withered Foxy
4th Gen:

I'm hiding some characters ;P It might spoil some stuff X3
But you'll see who this "Benny" character is soon :P
I'll be working on le first panel after I write this :3

Characters in It's Me
This is a list of MOST of the characters in it's me :>
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Hey guys! I'm alive! ;3; I was cursed by a thing called schoolwork and such and made me unable to do crap that's fun/entertaining in any way :3
So I DO have a new picture coming out, and I plan on releasing it soon (Probably tonight or tomorrow morning before I go to school.
But my process is complicated :I

I draw le picture on my 3DS on Colors!3D and save it to my pictures when done, I then go to the internet and send it to myself or another email address I have. Then I get on my PC and save the picture I send myself, and I then post it online. My 3DS' internet is screwed up and I have to wait a little for it to fix itself. But I plan on posting the front cover on a new Five Nights at Freddy's comic called It's Me :3 I'm not gonna spoil the plot until the cover is posted, and I'll work to get the first page done. My process with making COMIC pages is even harder. I draw each panel and email each panel, I save each panel on my PC, organize them on MSPaint, save the full page, and BOOM. I post it. I've tried and it's complicated. But it'll take a while for me to actually start the comic when I need to raise my Social Studies grade and study for a test coming up. I won't give too much info on my school crap because no one will really care XD But hey, I'm gonna do my school stuff, do the test, go on break, and then I shall start. I have a test for each class next week, and my break starts the week after. So it won't be as long as it sounds if you want to see the comic :> I'll write some stuff about my comic (But no spoilers) after I type the entry as I type :3

So I guess that's all I have to say :> My hiatus is over and I plan on doing my best in school and doing my best on posting art for the people who care X3



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Hullo there deviants of the deviants of ART. Mah name is Hanna (cenesored full name) and I go to middle school, and I have the noticeable fact that I'm a nerd, a gamer, and I luv My Little Pony Friendship is magic :3 I joined here on November 24, 2012, and I have had the greatest time with my friends :D when it comes to games, I like to play pokemon, minecraft, and....idk....XD but overall, drawing!!! I hope to get many requests and ya...cya soon doods!!!!

I really luv to watch Youtubers like bashurr, Sky, BajanCanadian, Jerome, etc, etc, I just like watching Team Crafted Youtubers :D

MEGA SUPER BROHAM PAL GUY!!!- :iconharthric: (who likes ham :3)
MAH OTHER SUPER FRIEND- :iconcutenessiscute: (who i think likes ham :3)

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